SPEED FACTS!

 To All MTC Members,

 On September 29, 2017, the membership of our council voted overwhelmingly to give your bargaining committee the authority to control any and all issues related to the rejection of the company’s Last, Best, and Final offer.

We, the members of your collective bargaining Committee, have decided that we should continue to work and allow labor and management to try to achieve a fair and equitable agreement. It is our intention to impress upon the employer that they have not met the expectations of the membership and that we want an agreement, and are ready, willing and able to exercise any and all options to achieve our goals.

 We are engaged in an epic struggle to maintain our hard-earned wages, conditions and benefits. We urge you to join together in solidarity with your fellow brothers and sisters of our council. Please continue to look for our communication via our text messaging system (text MTD to 24587) and/or the MTC Website. Thank you for your faith and trust!

          “We don’t want to make labor history

          we want an agreement!”

                                      STAY UNION STRONG!!!!!!!


Your Negotiating Committee

One thought on “MTC SPEED FACTS!”

  1. Union Member IBEW 1988

    WTF, please be more clear. Are we working without a contract in “good faith” that the company will treat us right? They will not treat us right, they have already been given that option.

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