Message from the President of the MTC

Statement Atomic Projects and Production Workers Metal Trades Council

Historically Labor and Management at Sandia National Laboratories have always confronted disagreements on wages, benefits and conditions with the utmost of respect for one another. At Sandia National Laboratory we have had many honest disagreements before, but never has a company come here and failed to bargain in good faith. Honeywell/NTESS, National Technology Engineering Solutions of Sandia issued its Last, Best and Final offer on September 29, 2017 to our membership which was soundly rejected.

The Metal Trades Council has filed two Unfair Labor Practice Charges which are the basis for the Council’s overwhelming rejection of the company’s Last, Best and Final offer. These unfair labor practice charges are based on the company’s refusal to provide information necessary to bargain and their insistence on direct dealing with our membership in violation of the National Labor Relations Act. Workers of the New Mexico Metal Trades Council cannot allow the company to unlawfully violate their right to collectively bargain and destroy seventy years of respectful labor/management relations at Sandia.

The Atomic Projects and Production Workers, Metal Trades Council is always mindful and respectful of the safety and health of the community and the national security mission of Sandia National Labs and will return to work on Monday October 2, 2017 in the hope that Honeywell/NTESS will live up to their core values of ethics, integrity, and respect for its workforce.

The officers and members of the Atomic Projects and Production Workers, Metal Trades Council remains steadfast in its commitment to protect the health, safety and standard of living of all Sandian working families and stands ready to explore all available avenues and exercise all options necessary to resolve this unfortunate dispute.

President Charles Carroll

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  1. Robert Kaneshiro

    Good luck brothers and sisters of the Atomic Projects and Production Workers, Metal Trades Council, Know that I am with you and stand behind you in your negotiations!!!! If there is anything that I can do to help let me know!!!!

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