Monthly Archives: August 2017

MTC/Sandia Contract Negotiations to Start September 5th, 2017

Our Current CBA with Sandia National Laboratories expires September 29, 2017.

The negotiating committee has been meeting regularly to plan how best to address the most vital issues that you, our members, have expressed concern about in the surveys we distributed earlier this year.  Thank you for participating and letting us know what is most important to you and your future in the upcoming contract!

Negotiations will officially begin off site on September 5th, 2017.  During negotiations, the committee will be updating this website on a password protected web page called Bargaining News after each day’s negotiations to keep our members informed.  The password will be changed periodically and the new password will be sent to the Chief Stewards, who will then distribute the password to the stewards and to our members so you can stay informed during this crucial time.